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★★★★★ My favorite app to check daily!
– iTunes App Store

★★★★★ Use it at least once daily.
– iTunes App Store

I found this app last week, and now I use it everyday... Thanks for the great app!
– Lacey (via email)

I would like to say well done. This is a fabulous app. It is well designed and very simple to use. So thank you.
– Sam (via email)

I have been looking for a "deal of the day" application and this filled the bill magnificently.
– Fenriswolfkpc (via App Store review)

This App sure beats reviewing countless emails from multiple vendors... Great selection of vendors too!
– Doristg (via App Store review)

This works great and I like having a centralized app to view the deals.
– Reddrobin (via App Store review)